When is Hydro-Jetting the Right Choice?


Whether you have a severe blockage or you just want to be more environmentally friendly, hydro-jetting is the right choice in several instances. It is, however, not the go to plumbing technique you should always be going for. We want to help you better understand when and when not to ask for hydro-jetting in this article.


What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Everyone has heard of the snake by now, but not many people know what hydro-jetting is. Basically, it is using a high-pressure water stream to remove a clog in your sewage line. This technique is highly effective, but it should only be utilized by a professional.


Unlike a snake, which anyone can use with ease, hydro-jetting requires a professional to perform. This isn’t due to it being a complicated procedure, however. The real reason a professional should be the only people using this technique is that it takes a trained eye to know if using it will work as expected or cause even more damage.


Should I Ask for It?

It is always a good idea to leave plumbing to the plumbers, but it can’t hurt to ask them if hydro-jetting is the right choice. They will likely start with a snake first, but if the clog proves to be too much, the hydro-jet is the heavy-duty solution. This is something takes consideration though, because an old pipe system runs the risk of serious damage after years of corrosion.


Your plumber should always do a full inspection of your plumbing system before giving you any professional opinion. If they don’t, then you may want to consider finding a different plumber. After the inspection, they should present you with the options, and if hydro-jetting comes up, we suggest going with it over the other options as it is extremely useful.


What are the Benefits?

There are some serious benefits that hydro-jetting offer. First, it will clean your pipes as well as destroying your clog. The pipes accumulate grime as time goes by that a snake just can’t handle. Jetting will thoroughly cleanse the pipes of all impurities, which will keep them healthier and clog free for more years than even the manufacturers expected!


The renewed cleanliness isn’t just on grime, by the way, it also cuts down on bacteria in your pipes as well. This brings us to an important point, since septic systems make use of the bacteria to break down waste hydro-jetting is not your best option. We could make it work, but it would take a little more work, and other methods would be safer to prolong the longevity of your tank.


Thanks to the efficiency of the system, it also makes this process the most environmentally friendly. By only needing to do the procedure once, instead of making semi-annual trips to clean the pipes out, you will be in the clear for several years. This means that all of the grease that would be used in a traditional pipe cleaning will be saved from going into the ocean. It also means that you get to save some serious money over the years by avoiding the semi-annual pipe cleanings!


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