4 Tips to Avoid A Blocked Toilet

It may not be the most fun subject, but we think knowing some tips to avoid a blocked toilet is a must for any household. So, as much as a blocked toilet sucks (and can be embarrassing to most people) it is actually very easy to avoid if you do a few things to keep your toilet functioning optimally.


Clean Your Toilet Periodically

It is, of course, great to clean your toilet semi-regularly for many reasons, but rarely do people consider function as a reason. Vinegar, baking soda, or a mild soap are great options to choose when cleaning your toilet. The first reason to use these products is to cut any smells, but the other is it will help you identify a leak before it becomes a serious problem.


While these are great ways to clean your toilet, the drain cleaning options are something you should probably avoid for two main reasons. First, it can damage your skin if you come into contact with it or your lungs if you inhale the vapors for an extended period. Second, these drain cleaners can be extremely caustic, and they may destroy old pipes.


Older pipes have had a lot more wear and tear, and using these cleaners may just be the straw that broke the camel’s back. These chemical cleaners can also damage the healthy bacteria in homes with a septic tank, so if your home has a septic tank, that alone is a big reason to avoid chemical drain cleaners.


Fix A Leaking Toilet Immediately

You may not have a budget for a leaky toilet fix, but trust us, you should get it fixed as soon as you see it. One of the main reasons is that you will have an increase in your water bill. You may not notice it at first because leaks usually start slow, but you will eventually start noticing your bill going up from month to month, and it definitely adds up.


Another huge reason to fix a leak, and the most costly if left unchecked, is damage to the foundation. Leaving a leak will ultimately result in a huge amount of structural damage. This usually means the wood becomes warped and bulges or rots away after prolonged exposure to water.


You may not be hearing dollar signs yet, but we assure you that fixing this will cost you a pretty penny. So, although you may want to wait until you have the budget to repair a leak, it is honestly going to potentially save you thousands of dollars to charge your credit card for a repair today.


Consider Your Toilet Paper

One of the number one tips to avoid a blocked toilet is to consider what toilet paper you’re using. The Ultra Soft style of toilet paper is becoming more and more popular, and with its rise in popularity, we are seeing an increase in blocked toilets.


The main reason that this happens is that they typically don’t dissolve like the older more traditional toilet paper. This happens for two reasons: they are now coming coated with lotions which tend to be oily in consistency, and they like to wad up together which prevents their breakdown even more.


Between those two new problems, your sewage system (mostly those with a septic tank) will have a tough time doing its job. Those with a mainline sewer system aren’t likely to encounter a problem that will require a plumber to come out as much, but you will be flushing and putting your plunger to use more often.


Teach Your Kids

Let’s be honest, kids are awesome, but they definitely don’t know how to use the toilet properly. Other than regular wear and tear, they are the number one reason for a blocked toilet. Consider this the holy grail of tips to avoid a blocked toilet.


Instructing your children on how to use the toilet properly, meaning what they can and can not flush and how much toilet paper to use is going to save you boatloads in plumbing costs.


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