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3 Reasons Electronic Leak Detection Is the Best Choice


Finding a leak with electronic leak detection is not only easier than the older methods, but it’s also far superior to them as well. In the past, when trying to find a leak, Earth would be dug up, and sometimes walls would be knocked in. The worst part, it wasn’t always the right place, which means damage in areas that now need fixing and many hours wasted.


Thanks to electronic leak detection, this is a thing of the past! Here are some of the major benefits as we see it.


  1. Speed

Finding a leak without electronic leak detection is slower by a huge margin. You have to locate the area where the water damage is occurring, then take things like gravity and water traveling patterns into account to backward engineer the possible origin. This takes time and correct assumption.


Not being able to see through walls or floor is the biggest factor slowing the procedure down. Once the leak is found, everything moves very quickly because fixing it is pretty standard.


Electronic leak detection is like the cheat sheet to leak detection. Except that using it is encouraged, and it isn’t cheating at all but an innovative tool for plumbing.


  1. Accuracy

In the years before electronic leak detection, finding leaks in your plumbing system was best described as a very educated guess. Given that master plumbers are very experienced, the guesses are usually right, but there are always the rare occasions that they get it wrong.


Human error and guessing are plumbing issues for our predecessors. Technology is the driving force of accurate plumbing practices these days.


Thanks to the improvements in tech, leak detection odds have improved to a whopping 100%. That means we will always find the source of your leak quickly the first time around!


  1. Money Saved!

Discovery leak detection, or digging a hole and hoping you found the source of the leak, is extremely expensive. If you think about it from the perspective of the plumber, you are paying for them hourly.


If they don’t find it the first time, that’s still going to come out of your wallet. Even if it takes four hours to locate the leak and several holes in your lawn, you’re footing the bill.


Sound pretty terrible, right? Well, unfortunately, that was the risk every time you called to fix a leak before electronic leak detection.

With the advancement in technology, the time that you might pay for your plumber to find the leak will likely go down below an hour, depending on the size of your property. Now you’ll only pay for the fix itself and not the hours of discovery!


The benefits to paying less are obvious, and the less likely it is that having plumbing services break the bank, the more likely it is that you can afford to have routine maintenance performed that will further reduce your chances of costly repairs in the future!


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