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How to Detect a Gas Leak in Your Home

A gas leak that goes undetected can spell disaster in your home. The danger comes both from inhalation risk and the possibility of a fire if it catches a flame, like the one on most modern water heaters. Knowing the signs of a gas leak, and checking occasionally even when there aren’t signs can keep you around, which everyone wants.


We have put together some tips that everyone should use in their household.


  1. Keep Your Home Ventilated

Keeping the air circulating in your home is important for a number of reasons, especially when you have kids that come into contact with germs daily. Aside from cutting down on viral and bacterial exposure, a gas leak in a well-ventilated home isn’t nearly as dangerous as one with all of the windows closed.


The reason for this is gas inhalation can kill you. It is deadly and large doses, and even small doses in some individuals can prove to be lethal.


  1. Get a Natural Gas Detector

This is one way to easily detect the presence of a gas leak, but not the source. These devices will find gas, carbon monoxide, and propane in the household.


They may be a bit more expensive than the strictly carbon monoxide only detectors, but we feel that this is the better choice. Not only are they more complete in their detection abilities, but for the price you’ll pay for triple the protection, it’s almost a bargain!


  1. Locating a Leak

Finding a gas leak is the second most important thing to do, first is to fix the leak immediately. Finding the gas leak is very simple and affordable, and your repairman will love you for it.


All you have to do is get some water and dish soap and mix them together. Then you’ll have to make sure the gas is on, which you should have turned off when you suspected a leak.


Next get a sponge and the soapy water and take it to the gas line running to your appliances, such as your stove. Use the sponge and soapy water and apply it along the pipe. The leak will create bubbles around it.


If you aren’t finding any areas on the exposed pipe that bubble, you might either want the repairman to try, as they are more experienced, or the leak might be coming from elsewhere.



  1. Hire a Platinum Plumber!

It’s imperative that once you detect the presence of a leak or suspect that one is in your house, whether you can find it or not, that you get a professional involved. Unless you are very skilled in gas line repairs or gas line repipes, we suggest getting a professional to help.


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