West Covina Licensed Plumbers Perform Gas Line Installations and Repairs

Natural gas is a clean and efficient fuel source used in half of the homes in America. Platinum Plumbing is skilled in keeping your family safe by offering gas line repair in homes throughout Orange County. While gas fueled appliances and furnaces are generally safe, it is important for homeowners to understand the dangers that can be associated with them.

If your appliances do not burn the gas properly or are not vented properly, carbon monoxide can begin to build up in your home. It is dangerous because it is odorless and tasteless, but can cause serious health issues and even death. If anyone in your home has been experiencing flu-like symptoms, but without a fever, you could have carbon monoxide poisoning your home.

Gas line installations and repairs should always be left to the professionals. Gas leaks are most often prevented by having a proper gas line installed by a licensed professional and by ensuring your lines are inspected regularly.

Natural gas leaks are very rare, but can be extremely dangerous. A buildup of gas in an enclosed area can not only make you sick, it could cause an explosion. If you smell an odor similar to that of a rotten egg, exit your home immediately and call Platinum Plumbing or 911 to investigate the source of the problem. Do not use your cell phone until you are away from your home. Shut off all the gas valves at your home, but do not attempt to locate the source of the leak on your own. Do not touch electronic devices and do not smoke or use open flames. Once you are a safe distance from your home, call 911 or the utility company.

Once your gas company has determined that your do in fact have a gas leak, your service will be turned off until you have a licensed plumbing company detect and repair the leak. The experts at Platinum Plumbing can have your Orange County home back to normal in no time.