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4 Things You Need to Know About Your Septic Tank

Those of us who are new to this are always asking about what you need to about your septic tank. The list of must-knows with a septic tank are about as long with any other system, which isn’t too much. We compiled a list of a few must-knows for both new septic tank users and veterans, because you may forget some of these things over the years.


Inspect Your Tank

Annual tank inspections are a must to keep the health of your tank optimal. Ideally, you should be hiring a licensed professional to do a thorough inspection to make sure everything is fully functioning. You can do that yourself, but just get the necessary tips from a plumber first.


The reasoning behind checking the system out annually is to make sure how often you need to get your tank pumped. Every three to five years is a good rule of thumb, but inspection will ensure that solids don’t get into the drain field.


Know The Signs of A System Failure

There are some telltale signs that show a system failure is imminent that you should be aware of. These are:

  1. Slow draining fixtures
  2. Gurgling sounds in the plumbing
  3. Odor, surfacing sewage, wet spots, or vibrant green growth in the drain field.
  4. Backups in the plumbing or the tank itself.



If any of these should occur, get in contact with a professional septic company immediately.


What NOT To Put In Your Septic System

There are several things that you should not be putting into your septic tank, and some of which you may not have thought would be harmful. The list includes motor oil, fuels, grease, fats, paints, chemicals, sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, paper towels, rags, filter tip cigarettes, disposable diapers, coffee grounds, egg shells, and nut shells. The reason for this is your system either can’t decompose them, or they might cause clogging due to their size or sticky texture.


Keep Chemicals Out of Your Tank

Most chemicals are a no-brainer to keep out of your tank, but the surprise to most new septic tank owners is that drain and toilet bowl cleaners are among this list! These are great tools for the sewage systems in the city, but septic systems will suffer from their use.


The reason for that is these cleaners are used to cut odors by killing bacteria. This doesn’t work for a septic tank because the bacteria is what makes the whole system functional! Using these cleaners will significantly reduce the effectiveness of your tank, so skip them altogether!


Let’s Talk!

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