West Covina Plumbers Specialize in House Reverse Osmosis, Filtration, Sulfur Removal, Aeration and Chlorination

Do you suffer from hard water, or water that has a strange taste or odor to it? Clean, safe water is essential to your family’s health and to your home’s plumbing system. The same impurities that can damage your health can also damage your plumbing system.

Many American homes suffer from hard water, which is caused by an excess of minerals and metal in the water. The materials build up and can cause issues with your plumbing, in addition to leaving white spots on clothes and dishes from soapy residue that doesn’t wash away.

Water softening systems can help. Water will run through a system where the hard ions will be replaced with soft ones. There are single and multi-tank options available, depending on the amount of water your home uses. There is also a salt-free softener that uses nano-technology to change the structure of the molecules in the water to make them non-scale building. And even better, as the water flows through the pipes in your home, it will work to descale any existing build-up. The experts at Platinum Plumbing can advise you as to which water softening system may be best for your West Covina home.

If you are simply looking for a system to purify your drinking water, we offer those services, as well. Reverse osmosis systems are a safe and effective means of treating your home’s drinking water. Carbon filters are an option to remove excess chlorine and other unwanted tastes and smells. Carbon filters are referred to as point of use systems and can be found in pitchers or under the sink components.

Platinum Plumbing can also install a water filtration system directly to your kitchen faucet so that you will always have clean drinking water straight from the tap.

Complex water issues call for more specialized treatment that could include a whole house reverse osmosis system, whole house filtration, sulfur removal, aeration or chlorination. Our Orange County experts can help you identify your problem, and then come up with the right solution to provide your home with the safest drinking water.