Plumbing Tips for Spring

With the warm weather kicking in, everyone is doing a little Spring cleaning to prepare to get their house in order. Among your “to-do list” for this weekend or on your Spring cleaning list, make sure to add some of these plumbing tips! Your faucets and drains can be more affected when Spring rolls around than you might think, so avoid any issues that may occur by getting ahead of the game!

Tip #1: Take a Walk Around Your Yard

Once Spring rolls around, kids and families typically spend a lot of time in the backyard. Before hosting any birthday parties or weekend barbecues, take a walk around and look out for any areas that are consistently wet or have water build-up. These kinds of build-ups can be a sign that there is a broken pipe and things are not draining correctly.

Tip #2: Look Out For Leaks

Check around the house and ceilings for any leaks. During the Winter, many people find that the cold weather/freezing temperatures cause pipes to crack. It won’t make a huge sound and sometimes can be barely noticeable, so some homes don’t even realize they have an issue. The way to check for leaks is pretty simple. The first step is to shut off the running water in your house- including any outside faucets. Next, check on your water meter and look at the flow gauge. Nothing should be running and the gauge should be still. Take a good look because even if the gauge is moving a little you might have a leak on your hands. It’s best to take care of these leaks as soon as possible, and especially before the weather starts to really heat up because then you could have an issue of mold on your hands.
When it comes to your toilet specifically, there is a simple and convenient way to check if it is leaking. Open the toilet tank and drop in a little food coloring. Wait a few minutes, and if the toilet bowl starts to turn a new color then you have a leakage issue on your hands.

Tip #3: Do a Little Cleaning

Don’t just do the bare minimum- make sure your Spring cleaning includes every, last detail, crack and crevice! Including the bathroom… Scrubbing your toilet, shower and sinks should be at the top of your cleaning list. The last thing you want in your bathroom is rust or mold. Be careful you’re not cleaning these appliances with an old brush that has metal bristles- that can scratch the surfaces.

Tip #4: Check on Your Water Heater

When going over the list of plumbing appliances to check, many people overlook their water heater, but it is actually one of the most important. When is the last time your drained your water heater? If you can’t remember, that’s a bad sign…. Your water heater can build-up over time and become less effective. Making sure you get rid of any sediment that has built up is important for its life span.

Tip #5: You Might Need to Snake

Your plumbing is almost all ready for Spring! Just one last thing on the list… checking your drains. If there is a shower or sink in the house that is rarely used, turn it on and allow water to flow through the drain to fill the trap. Doing this helps to prevent bad odors from filling your home. It is also a smart idea to snake your drains! Snaking mostly applies to the floor drains in your house, but a little extra work never hurt anyone.

If you are having trouble with any of these chores, or need some extra plumbing assistance in your home, feel free to call any of our team members! We have the equipment and experience to help with all your plumbing needs.