Platinum Plumbers Unclog Sewer Lines with Pressure Washing

Do you manage a commercial property or operate a septic tank at your home? If so, you may be in need of Platinum Plumbing’s hydro-jetting services. The technology our plumbers use cleans your home’s drains and sewer lines, freeing them from grime, build-up and other debris, ensuring they work properly.

Hydro jetting is essentially pressure washing for your sewer lines. Using very high pressurized water, the walls and drains are scrubbed clean. The hydro jetting process is rather simple for experienced plumbers in Southern California like ours at Platinum Plumbing. A hydro jetter hose will be inserted into your drain line through a cleanout, which provides access to your drain system. The actual machine consists of a large tank with a specialized nozzle and hose that send pressurized water through it. Sewage systems use gravity to carry away waste, so the system works against the gravity to clean the clog and loosen any debris that may have built up. It is one of the best techniques to fully remove build-up in pipes and drains. Your drains, sewers and pipes will be restored to their original function.

Hydro jetting is the best method to properly clean your drain and sewer. It can be done on a regular basis to ensure your plumbing works properly all year round, but most homeowners don’t consider it until a problem occurs. If a drain snake has failed your Anaheim home, this can be an effective technique to clear your drains. At Platinum Plumbing, we also recommend you use hydro jetting before taking on additional plumbing projects in your home, such as pipe lining, because it can assure that debris doesn’t interfere with the new piping.

When other cleaning methods fail you, call Platinum Plumbing for hydro jetting service. It provides longer lasting results than snaking, and doesn’t use harsh chemicals like those found in drain cleaners. The high pressurized water can easily remove stubborn blockages, including heavy sediment and years of waste build up.

If you have a seriously clogged drain that isn’t effectively being cleaned any other way, call your plumbing experts at Platinum Plumbing to assist you today and restore your drain to new.