Costa Mesa Electronic Water Leak Detection and Repair

At Platinum Plumbing, we know you don’t want to have to cause more damage to find your leak. That’s why we use electronic leak detection in Southern California. Through the electronic detection, we can accurately locate the source of leaks in underground plumbing without the expense or damage of excavation.

Slab leaks are typically from pressurized copper pipes leaking and can be found under or in concrete floors. Electronic detection is used on slab leaks to avoid property damage that is often associated with other types of leak detection that use demolition tools to locate leaks.

If leaks aren’t discovered and fixed promptly, they can cause severe damage to your Anaheim or Placentia home. Leaked water can decay and erode your walls and foundation and damage your flooring, and lead to problems with rust, mold and wood rot.

If you aren’t sure if you have a leak, one good rule of thumb is to look at your water bill. Is it increasing every month even though your water usage isn’t? Is your water pressure decreasing? Both of these can be signs you may have a water leak in your home. Warm or hot floors are also a sign of a hot water slab leak. Other signs to look for are an increase in your gas bill and if it takes significantly less time for hot water to reach your faucets.

Water leaks can be caused by several things. The first is poor original workmanship on the plumbing in your home. Additionally, plumbing materials can rust or erode, or just break down due to general wear and tear. Slab leaks are often the result of your foundation shifting. Electronic leak detection can find the problem and the source of it, giving Platinum Plumbing the information we need to fix it.

Our leak detection test will take us directly to the source of the water, making our job more efficient, convenient and adorable for you. Once we’ve found the problem, we will discuss with you the best method to fix it to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.