Copper Pipes Increase Water Pressure and Remove Brown Color

Many older homes can benefit from having their piping system re-piped using new copper piping. Older structures typically were fitted with galvanized pipes, which, over time, can rust. If you have rusty or brown colored water, or low water pressure, it may be time to consider an update to copper. And luckily for you, the Southern California experts at Platinum Plumbing are here to help. We know that low water pressure can be annoying, and water that looks dirty just isn’t pleasant. Our copper re-piping services can solve those problems for you. We use copper because it is lightweight, safe, durable, and will not rust. If you’ve noticed an increased drop in your water pressure, or if you have rust colored or foul smelling water coming from your taps, now is the time to call your West Covina plumbing experts.